About Us

Cancers are major health issue of the current world and they come up in different types. Especially in women Gynecologic cancers are most and their cure is a great challenge. Every new advancement is a hope of new life to a patient. We believe every advancement to be created is great idea from an individual or a team around the world. We want to relate, gain and share those ideas. So, we St. Peters Engineering College, Hyderabad are here with a platform for you to share your ideas titled "Current Research on Gynecologic Cancers" (CRGC-2017) in the course of 26th- 28th October 2017. All the approved papers by the committee will be submitted to Springer - "Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology" .

Our speakers and guest editors are well known and high profiled professors/scientists in the areas of "Gynecologic Cancers".